Video Law Services has received unsolicited testimonials from many satisfied clients.

Video Law Services has provided Day in the Life videos and Demand/Mediation videos used in our most catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. Video Law Services’s work product and turnaround has consistently been exceptional and no doubt maximized recoveries in our cases. Michaela takes control from day one and is thorough in her plan and presentation. At the same time, she is flexible based on the needs of each specific case. Our most recent experience in using Video Law Services resulted in a $20 million verdict at trial. We are fortunate to have been introduced to Video Law Services and are happy to share our positive experiences.

Josh Woolsey, Woosley & Morcom, Jacksonville, FL

I handle major truck crash cases around the country and in that capacity I have worked with a number of video people. What distinguishes Michaela and her team is that they know how to capture and present a story in a compelling way. I recommend Video Law Services without reservation.

Joseph Fried, Atlanta, GA

Your video in the failed medical device case surpassed my expectations and was extremely powerful.  After the case settled, the defense counsel shared with me that the video was crucial in persuading his client to pay the seven figure settlement.  It was worth every penny and added significant value to our case.

Tim Hall, Athens, GA

Thank you for your great work on the Settlement Documentary. It was responsible for helping produce a precedent setting result. Your work was first class. Simply put – on a scale of 1 to 10, you gave my client an 11.

John Romano, Ft. Worth, FL

You’ve taken a medical malpractice case with 2 years of depositions and discovery and turned it into a summary of the evidence that clearly explains the liability of the medical providers and the damages sustained by the parents of the 17-year-old boy who died as a result of medical negligence. I don’t think “60 Minutes” would have been any better.

Jeff Abers, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Video Law Services is frequently the most important “expert” I retain. I can always count on them to be tireless, prepared and perfectionists. Their work is compelling, convincing, and gets results for my clients.

Chris Burns, Jacksonville, FL

We settled the first case against IBM and the chemical company defendants. Thank you for producing an extremely powerful and compelling set of negotiation and Settlement Documentaries. Without exception, each and every person who has viewed them has been very moved by the manner in which you were able to tell this important story. Since the settlement, there have been TV and print reporters who have reported on this story. Though I believe they have done a solid job, they pale in comparison to the manner in which you were able to capture the essence of our lawsuit.

Bill DeProspo, New York, NY

I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you on behalf of myself and the family for the outstanding work you did in this case which resulted in a superior settlement prior to trial. This was a very difficult liability case which we were able to overcome with a high-powered Settlement Documentary. This is an example of a case where the quality of the work made a real difference for our client.

Howard G. Butler, Jacksonville, FL

Your staff did an excellent job of having the family talk about their horrific experiences. The understated nature of the entire production gives it substantial impact.

Bill Walker, Lexington, SC

The Settlement Documentary that you did in this case had a major impact on the $5,000,000 settlement. It was the most powerful presentation I have seen in 25 years of representing plaintiffs. Although we have been litigating this case for several years, it settled within ten days of the decision makers receiving the Settlement Documentary. Once again, you’ve proved that Video Law Services is worth its weight in gold!

Fred Abbott, Jacksonville, FL

The settlement documentary that Video Law Services prepared was the most powerful and comprehensive presentation I have ever seen. At the end of the video, there were very few dry eyes in the room. The case settled for a higher amount than anticipated after mediation, and there is no doubt the video was a big factor in that result.

Heath Brockwell, Jacksonville, FL

I have just watched adjusters with 20 years experience moved to tears by your Settlement Documentary – a technique that communicates so much more about a case and its potential than anything I could say or write.

Don Hinkle, Tallahassee, FL

Thank you for the great job. The insurance company paid their limits, which was, in my opinion, due to your efforts. You really know how to use a “sound bite” and just let the witnesses talk. Once they saw the video, the case was resolved quickly. Thanks again!

Tom Caldwell, Port Orange, FL

The Settlement Documentary you put together was extremely powerful when played at mediation. The adjuster was visibly moved, and the defendant was clearly chocking back tears. The offer was more than we anticipated – which I attribute directly to your fine work!

Lee “Tad” Griffin, Jacksonville, FL